How to use the course and timetable plans

  • Select the information you need from the menu at the top of the page.
  • Type in the first letter of the topic, if necessary several times, to quickly find the relevant course, room or teacher. If your search should include more rooms, you can drag the mouse and use "shift" and click or "CTRL" and click (use the last option if you want to choose from the list).

  • Using the list, you can now limit your search by choosing one or more weeks (the standard is the current week). If you want an overview of a specific classroom in a specific time period, mark by using "CTRL" and click.
  • Select the day(s), you want information on from the list. Standard is Monday-Sunday. If you select this view in the menu point "all rooms", scroll horizontal to see the entire time period.

  • If you just need to see one day, select the specific day of the week.

  • Select start and end time from the list. Standard is 08.00-16.15

  • Click on the button "show timetable" to see the timetable you want.

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